Friday, June 6, 2008


Yesterday in our trip to Alameda we had a lot of fun. My group and I really had a good experience there because when we went out to interview people about safety. Everyone there was very friendly about getting interviewed and the good thing bought it was that we dint get rejected not even once. This was different than what we had expected because we though that since we were from Oakland nobody was going to let us interview them but they did. So my group and me ended up learning a lot a bought peoples opinion.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Reflection On this Class

Over the last 2 weeks of being part of this class I have learned to get out of my comfort zone. I have got a Chance to stop being shy and basically just try knew things. This has helped me a lot because in any other class I used to be shy and not really like to step up a lot. When I got into this class I started to get my act together and participate in class and step up and try new things.
Ever since I began to overcome my shines I have felt that I have taken more care about my education by steeping up and asking questions in class and taking charge of my learning. Aside of just participating in class I have become more outgoing. By that I mean that I have learned to make new friends by just being friendly and not being shy too met knew people older our younger than me. This class has helped me experience different types of things. For example got to visit knew neighborhoods and try knew types of food that I had never eaten before. Yes there has also being times in this class were I refused to try knew tings like tasting different foods. But later when I actually tried it it wasn't than bad after all. So people try knew thinks and get out of your confront zone.. I don't think you would regret it. And if you do its nice learning knew things.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"Castro Street" In San Fransisco

On our trip to San Francisco. We got to visit the street called Castro. This for me was very different than Oakland. The reason I think this is because not only we saw people who were not the same than us. But we saw a lot of diversity everywhere and people from that community really seemed to enjoy living there. For the reason that they are free to do our say what they please. For me having a chance to visit Castro street was a very good place to learn about diversity on different ways. They had a lot of restaurants and stores to shop at. The best part about our trip was how we also got to chill in Dolores park at San Fransisco. Which was pretty cool and diverse. Even though it was a place were there were mostly Kay people. I really liked the way we got a Chance to talk to them about how they saw there community. And what they though about the way how there are mostly Kay people around.Something that was interesting was how everyone there was really happy with the way how Castro is known for mostly being for Kay people. This was a good experience to learn about how Castro street majority of residents are Kay. But there nobody judges them in any way Castro doesn't discriminate people. For how they are our how they dress. The best thing I liked was how everyone there is free to do what they please.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lake Shore & Oakland Garden

Yesterday in our trip to lakeshore we got to interview different types of people there. Something that I noticed while being there was how it was a very small place. But there were a lot of different diversity. In my point of view that was the place were we mostly saw different types of people from different races. Something that I learned from this community was that even though they were different varieties of races there that was one of the main reasons why the residents there choose to work or live there is because of diversity.After we got a chance to explore lakeshore we got to go visit the Oakland Rose Garden, which was really pretty filed with different types of flowers. This was really fun to look at a lot of different color roses.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Old Oakland & Lake Merritt

While I visited old Oakland I had a lot of different views about how everything looked. What I noticed was places were a lot of mostly is population being Asian, White and African American. This was a big impression because there weren't really any Mexicans. And the people that mostly were there to buy different types of vegetables and organic foods. I really liked how people there were selling different types of food.

After visiting Old Oakland and having the opportunity to look at how things were like. We also went to Lake Merrit's and had a chance to enjoy our selves by paddle boating. What we did was really fun because we got to spend time with our friends and got the opportunity to enjoy Lake Merrit's paddle boating program.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Our Trip to Rockridge

My esperince in Rockridge was kind of diferent. Some of the things that were diferent were that in my point of view people were really friendly. Something that really shocked me was that while being there we asked a person who was cleaning his back yard if we could interview him and he actually walked out of his house to gather with us and get interviewed.When we asked people in other places like Walnut Creek they would say they were really busy our did not wanted to get interviwed. RockRidge was preaty friendy. Aside of all there enviroment was pretty clean an well taken care and it was kind of amazing how its still Oakland but look very diferent than east Oakland. Something that I liked abought Rockridge that we do not have in Fruitvale would be how its really quiet and there arent really no fast food restaurants around there. So that must mean that the most of the people dont relay upon fast food a lot. Which is prety good. Since in East Oakland the most common food we could find is fast food.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Special Friend!!! :)

Tweat Tweat Tweat
There is this gurl I have known for a really long time. Me and her have been trought thick and thin and yes we have had our fights once in a while. I would say that is what have maide us value our friendship more. Like any other teenage girls we have had been trough bad esperiences in life but even trough all our obsticles we have learned to keep on going. She is the type of friend that would laugh with you at things that no one laughs at. I really enjoy having her as a friend because she would be able to put me up when I am most faling. I wont see me life withought knowing that I could count on her an know she would be there.